CAM, Defined

Complementary medicine, also known as alternative medicine, is rapidly loosing the stigma that was attached to it in the 1950s and 1960s. This is all for the better as complementary/alternative medicine, sometimes known as CAM for short, can offer natural support methods that go beyond standard medical care. And the support of our clients is important at Kirkland adult family home.

But, what is CAM and how does it differ from standard medical practice? Complementary medicine is based on what are called support protocols. These are systems, procedures or actions that have proven to be affective in the past, although they are not always backed up by scientific testing. A support protocol is a number of steps taken in a particular sequence with the intention of achieving a certain result.

CAM has grown in popularity because standard medical treatment is often restricted to treating symptoms with drugs, as these are the only “approved” methods. And doctors are often restricted in what they can do to treat a disorder by what the patient’s insurance company is willing to pay for.

At Kirkland adult family home we believe that natural protocols can be very useful. Natural protocols take things such as diet and environmental conditions into consideration; they also address the whole body as a functioning system, rather than addressing only the disorder.

CAM and standard medicine are slowly moving toward each other and are beginning to form what is know as “integrative medicine.” This form of medicine blends standard and CAM practices into a whole approach. A patient’s physical problems are addressed by both methods concurrently.

Complementary and alternative medicine has originated in a number of different cultures and countries over many centuries. Different cultures have different practices and the practices of a culture or country are referred to as whole medical systems. These systems usually include the use of natural supplements or “medicines” derived from natural sources as well as body based practices as well as using the mind to positively affect the body.

While drug treatment is useful and important in many cases and standard medicine is certainly worthwhile, it’s important to keep an open mind. Many people have had excellent results through natural support methods or integrative medicine that blends both standard medicine and natural support.

While there are people who cannot be helped by natural support methods and may need conventional medical treatment methods, there are many others who can benefit from natural support methods.

While there are some people who cannot be helped by CAM, others can be. It’s important to know what methods will get the best results in each individual case and Kirkland adult family home has the knowledge and experience to address each resident’s needs accurately and with compassion.