Surviving Cancer and Assisted Living

The good news is that cancer survival rates are on the up swing. Earlier diagnosis, better treatment and greater awareness on the part of the public are all having a positive affect. For example, over sixty percent of the people diagnosed with cancer in the last five years are still alive today. The majority of theses people are over sixty because cancer affects older adults more frequently than it affects younger people. And so, there are many older cancer survivors in the Seattle area who may need Seattle assisted living.

An assisted living environment provides the support and care that individuals who are recovering from the devastation of cancer often need. Cancer treatment is also one of the more aggressive treatment methods and it’s often necessary to recover form the treatment as well as the disease.

While some cancers, such as pancreatic and liver cancer have a low survival rate; others like breast, skin cancers and prostate cancers now have an increasing rate of remission. Whatever the type of cancer an individual may suffer from, the need for ongoing care is often vitally important. It isn’t always possible to immediately return to a normal life. This is especially true of older people.

Since older adults may have other health issues, such as heart disease or diabetes, that can affect and complicate cancer treatment, recovery time may be extended. Age also affects treatment in other ways, causing a slower rate of drug assimilation into the body and an inability to tolerate radiation or chemotherapy. These circumstances can result in older people needing Seattle assisted living.

Also, although many cancer survivors can return to a normal life, there are many who have been sufficiently stressed by treatment that they will need follow up care in a Seattle assisted living environment. Not only must people cope with the emotional affects of cancer, as well as social and relationship changes brought on by the disease, they must deal with the pain and fatigue that often accompanies recovery. In such situations, it’s important to provide people with a caring and calm environment in which to recover.

Those who provide Seattle assisted living know what cancer patients are going through. They have the professional knowledge and compassion to help cancer patient’s progress on the road to recovery. Whether it’s long term care or short term care, helping recovering cancer survivors cope with daily problems or make vital lifestyle and health related decisions, those who provide Seattle assisted living are here to help.