Anxiety Disorders and Assisted Living Seattle

Anxiety disorders are when worries and fears become chronic. And long term. While anxiety is often a normal part of aging, older adults tend to be less subject to anxiety disorders than young people. However, whether old are young, a person with an anxiety disorder may need assisted living in Seattle.

There’s a difference between simple anxiety that can be caused by life circumstances, such as disease or the loss of a job, and anxiety disorder.

There are several types of anxiety disorders, including social phobia, the fear of being judged by others and panic disorder which is characterized by sudden attacks of panic, a sense of unreality and fear of impending doom. This can cause people to behave in an erratic manner and may require assisted living in Seattle.

Perhaps the anxiety disorder that has got the most press in recent years is post-traumatic stress disorder. Experiencing a traumatic event, such as an accident or an act of violence causes this. Post traumatic stress disorder was once called shell shock and was first diagnosed in World War One. It was thought at the time that the symptoms, hysteria, exaggerated nervous reactions, and flashbacks to traumatic events were caused by exposure to the toxic chemicals in bombs. It was only later that the cause was mental and not physical.

Another famous anxiety disorder is obsessive/compulsive behavior. This is characterized by performing certain actions over and over, such as repeatedly needing to check that the house is locked before getting in the car or any other of the many “rituals” such as having the same thoughts over and over. Other types of anxiety disorders include specific phobia, which is an intense fear of something that presents no immediate danger, such as fear of heights, fear of spiders, fear of dogs or the sight of blood. And general anxiety disorder, which is the flip-side of specific phobia and is expressed as a generalized fear where a person is worried and anxious over many trivial matters or keeps running down a list of fears, such as health, family problems or money. Even though there really is nothing to worry about.

Constant anxiety can be incredibly debilitating. It takes all the fun out of life and puts the person in a prison of fear. It’s not like they want to be afraid. They can’t help it. Anxiety disorders appear to be the mind’s attempt at avoiding being overwhelmed by the world or being confronted with circumstances that cannot be corrected. Such disorders make living difficult and people suffering form these disorders may not be able to take care of themselves and may need assisted living in Seattle.