About Long Term Care

Nursing homes in Seattle often provide long term care. And long term care is designed to meet a variety of needs for a relatively short of longer period of time. The intention of the many services offered through long term care is to help people love as safely and independently as possible when they cannot perform the normal everyday activities of life on their own.

Family members in the home often provide long term care and it is also provided by special facilities such as nursing homes in Seattle. The need for long term care has increased over the years as the population in general has aged. Age itself is often a reason for long term care and the larger percentage of the elderly in the population has put a bit of a strain on resources and care facilities in the last decade or so.

Helping with normal everyday activities, such as grooming, dressing and bathing is the most common form of long term care. Such care is usually afforded the elderly either at home by family members or paid providers or at nursing homes in Seattle. Long term care is also needed when people have long term health problems or need assistance while recovering from a serious illness or injury. Most of the time however, the need for long term care evolves slowly as a person ages or a disability or illness worsens.

Long term care can last only a few weeks, as in recovery from an injury, or for several months as a person receives rehabilitation therapy in a nursing home in Seattle. It can also be ongoing due to a serious illness like Alzheimer’s or stroke. While many people receive care at home from family members or paid services others live permanently in nursing homes in Seattle if their needs are such that they can no longer be supported at home. More elderly and those in need of long duration care are entering nursing homes and other special facilities due to the increasing economic need for all working age family members to work, due to the high cost of living.

The need for long term care depends on many variables. More women need long term care than men, simply because they live longer. Single people are more likely to need care from some kind of paid provider because they often have no one at home who can care for them. And people who get little exercise or have poor eating habits are more likely to need long term care as they get older.