Care for Clnical Depression

While we all feel unhappy now and then, such unhappiness usually passes in a relatively short while. This is not true of people who suffer from clinical depression. Also called depressive disorder, clinical depression is chronic sadness or anxiousness that doesn’t go away or recurs frequently, usually several times per day.

Although the death of a loved one can cause depression and grief is a natural reaction, death can cause clinical depression in older adults who have suffered a loss. The elderly do not have as much future to fall back on and so any large loss can more easily create a sense of hopelessness that does not easily go away. Most older adults do eventually adjust to loss, but some do not. These people may need the type of assistance provided by Bellevue Nursing Home.

It should be recognized that depression is not just a normal element of aging. While most older adults are satisfied with their lives, those that do suffer from depressive disorder are less likely to talk about it, or do not show the obvious symptoms that younger people usually show.

Clinical depression can interfere with life activities. It can destroy the ability to work, can interfere with sleep and can sometimes result in loss of appetite or, conversely, overeating. Such an episode of depression may occur once in a person’s life and may take a long time to recover from. However, dysthymia (a type of depression) is somewhat less severe but considerable more long lasting. If it becomes chronic and the person does not recover, then that person may need the type of treatment and assistance provided by Bellevue Nursing Home. It is vital that a person who is suffering from depression regain emotional balance as much as possible. This may require short or long term treatment, as the case may be. They should be in a caring, quiet environment where their depression is less likely to be triggered and where they can get the psychological and medical attention that they need.

Depression is a cruel emotional affliction that can rob a person of hope, trust and, in the case of suicidal depression, can even rob them of their lives. It is a disorder that requires wisdom and understanding form those who care for an individual who suffers from depression. The staff at Bellevue Nursing Home understand how devastating depression can be, and have the skills and knowledge to assist a loved one who suffers from any type of depression.