Exercise Program at Bellevue Adult Family Home

Exercise is for more than just staying fit. It enhances the quality of life. At Bellevue Adult Family Home, we understand this. While exercise is often considered something that only the young or the physically fit can do, it is possible for older adults and those who are either out of shape or have a physical disability to do regular exercise.

It’s a matter of knowing your limitations and staying within those limitations while slowly extending them to increase endurance. In fact, endurance is the most important type of physical exercise for older adults. While building muscle tone is important, the point is not to become a weight lifter or a gymnast. Endurance enhances the quality of life for older adults and enables them to participate in life in a more active manner.

Endurance exercises are sometimes referred to as aerobic exercises.

Aerobic exercises strengthen the cardiovascular system, such as the heart and blood vessels, and improve lung function. They do this by increasing heart rate and improving lung function. These are both vital to improving endurance. Examples of endurance or aerobic exercises are walking; swimming, jogging and even sweeping, raking and dancing are aerobic exercises.

While older adults usually cannot do the strenuous aerobic exercises that younger people can do, like gymnastics, they can participate in an exercise program that is designed for their physical capabilities. At Bellevue Adult Family Home, we understand that everyone is different and strive to create exercise programs that are tailored to each individual’s personal needs.

We help people build up slowly. We understand that older adults can only do so much exercises and endurance building activities at one time. We help them exercise to the point of building endurance and to slowly increase what their bodies can do. We want them to win at these exercises and be motivated by the physical improvement that they see in themselves.

By staying within limits and building slowly. They can advance to a more enjoyable and productive life.

We encourage regular stretching exercises. Stretching protects against injury and increases flexibility and range of motion.

It is important to balance building muscle tone with endurance exercises that increase stamina and we provide a good healthy diet of nutritious food to ensure that older adults get the nutrition that they need. At Bellevue Adult Family Home, our first concerns are the comfort and health of our residents. We are dedicated to providing the best care possible because we understand that each person is an individual of value and deserves respect and assistance, regardless of their stage of life.